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The eDAQ add-on board allows users to develop high-performance Analog data acquisition applications with the SPOT. The eDAQ will have a comprehensive high-level Java API, preinstalled firmware and many demonstration programs. This 1.9" x 1.5" board fits inside the plastic case.

eDAQ board Top eDAQ board Bottom
eDAQ board Top eDAQ board Bottom

eDAQ Board Features

  • 6 fully differential analog input channels
  • 3 separate 16-bits ADCs
    • 1 Linear Technology LT1867L Quad ADC (max 1 kSPS)
    • 2 Analog Devices AD7684 ADCs (max 100 kSPS)
  • 4 low-power analog trigger circuits
  • 2 user-controllable LEDs (one red, one green)
  • 2 user-controllable external I/Os
  • a reprogrammable AVR32UC3B0256 slave processor
  • a 1 megabyte Flash Chip for SPOT use
  • an external SPI bus connection
  • an external UART connection

Hardware File Folders

Here is a description of the folders for the hardware design to be found in the hardware section of the Subversion repository:

  • BOM - Bill of Materials (.csv/.xls format)
  • Gerbers - PC board gerber files (RS274X)
  • Schematics - Schematic drawings (.pdf format)
  • Design Files - Schematic and PC layout (EAGLE Format)
  • Assembly - Assembly/Fabrication drawings and info (.pdf format)
  • PC Mechanical - PCB Drawings (.pdf format)
  • Scripts - Miscellaneous scripts used during design (EAGLE (.SCR, .ULP) and Python source (.py)
  • Analysis - Miscellaneous analysis documents used during design
  • Datasheets - Datasheets related to the project (.pdf)
  • Appnotes - Application notes related to the project (.pdf)
  • LICENSE - All files within this project are covered by BSD license.

Software and Firmware

The java software (and AVR32 firmware) for the eDAQ board can be found in the subversion repository.

How to participate

You can find out more about SunSPOTs at sunspotworld.
Best place to post feedback is on the sunspotworld forums.

Getting the files

Drawings in PDF can be downloaded from the Downloads section. All files can be downloaded from subversion in the trunk section.

For more information

Please send any questions, comments or suggestions to Tennessee Carmel-Veilleux or to any of the other project owners.

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