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Last updated March 24, 2011 20:48, by Ron Goldman

Spots-libraries Wiki

This is where the open source development of the libraries used by SPOT applications will take place. This includes the Java ME libraries loaded in the flash memory of each Sun SPOT and the Java SE libraries used by host applications. This project includes code for:

  • Sun SPOT NetBeans Modules - NetBeans plugins for the Sun SPOT
  • RXTX patches - changes made to the RXTX library for the Sun SPOTs project.

The real work is done in the following subprojects:

Also check out the Squawk VM project. Squawk is the VM used on the SPOTs.


Latest Roadmap information can be found on this Wiki page

How to participate

Discussions on bugs or new functionality should take place on the SunSpotWorld Forums, generally in the Sun SPOT Software forum.

Technical discussions about the actual code in the various system libraries takes place on the mailing list.

Reporting bugs

All SPOTs-related bugs are filed in the Issue Tracker of the Squawk project. (or were -- currently broken)

Contributing code

The first step to contributing code or submitting a patch is to sign and return a signed copy of the Oracle Contributor Agreement. Please print this form out, fill in all the necessary detail, scan it in, and return it via e-mail: (Your scan or photograph should be of the complete page and at least 3 megapixels/180 dpi.) You may also want to read the Contributor agreement FAQ.

To join one of the spots-libraries projects you must be a member of both and Before requesting a membership role please first post a note introducing yourself on the Sun SPOT Projects forum on Like most open source projects people wanting write access to the svn repository first need to demonstrate that they understand the current code and the project's coding practices. This is generally done through participation on the project's mailing list and the SunSpotWorld Forums, including reporting bugs and posting patches.

For more information

Please send any questions, comments or suggestions to rgoldman or to any of the other project owners.

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