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Last updated March 19, 2011 06:57, by Ron Goldman

Spots Wiki

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Welcome to the SPOTs project

Sun SPOTs are small, Java-based, wireless devices developed at Oracle Labs. The SPOTs project is the place on for development of open source code relating to Sun SPOTs. This includes system code, application frameworks, demonstrations, and applications.

It is also the place for educators interested in using Sun SPOTs in their classes. Here they can develop and share instructional materials.

Please visit the various SPOTs subprojects and join in.

  • SPOT Applications - demonstration and applications for Sun SPOTs
  • SPOT Curriculum - instructional materials using Sun SPOTs
  • SPOT Hardware - open source development of the hardware used by Sun SPOTs
  • SPOT Libraries - open source development of the libraries used by SPOT applications
  • Squawk VM - open source development of the Java virtual machine used by SPOTs

To find out more about Sun SPOTs or to purchase a development kit, see the Sun SPOT World home page.

Other Spots-related wiki pages:

  • SpotsSystemArchitecture - Basics of the SPOT's system architecture. A must read for SPOT developers.
  • SpotsTroubleshootingFAQ - FAQ (under development) to help troubleshoot problems with your Sun SPOT.
  • SpotsForumFAQ - FAQ (under development) focusing on how to get help with SPOT problems (software or hardware)
  • SpotsTestbed - Hints and tips on controlling the radio topology of a set of SPOTs
  • SpotsProjects - Ideas for projects that students and others could do with Sun SPOT devices

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