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Welcome to Squawk


Squawk is an open source virtual machine for the Java language that examines better ways of building virtual machines. Most commercial virtual machines are written in low level languages such as C and assembler. We believe that virtual machines can be simplified by writing them in a higher level language, and further simplified by implementing the VM in the language that the VM is implementing. This idea was inspired from Squeak, a Smalltalk environment written in Smalltalk.

Goals of Squawk:

  • Write as much of the VM in Java as possible
  • Targeting small, resource constrained devices
  • Enable Java for micro-embedded development

more on Squawk goals and architecture...

Squawk is part of ongoing research at Oracle Labs under Project Squawk.

See presentation made by Eric Arseneau at the Java ME Developer Days conference slides Additional presentations/publications are listed here.


Having the ability for Squawk to run on desktops provides for a simple test bed to try out new ideas, before having to tackle porting to devices that may not provide for good debugging support. It also allows for a simple emulation tool for users of the Squawk VM to try out their applications before they are deployed to an actual device.

The desktop platforms Squawk supports today are:

  • Solaris (SPARC & x86)
  • Windows NT, XP
  • Mac OS X (PPC & x86)
  • linux systems


Squawk is the VM that enables Java development on Sun SPOTs. Sun SPOTs are really cool wireless sensor devices that allow software and hardware people to build interesting micro-embedded applications.

The SPOTs project has a project in addition to its own website.

Go check them out, you wont be disappointed :)

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