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Last updated May 14, 2012 23:39, by btjenkins

Swarm of Brian Overview

This project is an extension of the TrackBot Greenfoot project to implement a "swarm" framework for TrackBots.

The goal of the swarm framework is to enable TrackBots to become aware of other nearby TrackBots, and their relative positions. In that way, it can provide a basis to implement cool swarm behaviors at a higher level.

A side project was also to implement Bump Sensing on the physical TrackBot, using the SunSpot's built in accelerometer. The SunSpot serves as the Java brain for the TrackBot.

The latest lines of development are located in /trunk:

  • /trunk/swarm-of-brian-Greenfoot-1.5 - Contains the latest TrackBot Greenfoot Simulation code (requires Greenfoot 1.5)
  • /trunk/BumpTesterDemo - Requires a physical TrackBot/SunSpot. Uses the SunSpot's built in accelerometer to detect bumps and other physical obstacles.

Short Term Goals

  • Get the simulation working on the latest version of Greenfoot (2.1.2)

Long Term Goals

  • Implement a swarm behavior on top of the framework
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