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Tchad - Java User Group - Wiki (eng)


Chad JUG (Tchad Java User Group was created in October 2013. This is the first JUG in Chad, particularly in the capital N'Djamena that is mainly focused on the following three main axes:

  1. Promoting Java and any derived technology like Android
  2. Creating the Information and Communications Infrastructure (ICI) to support Java Enterprise Applications Deployment
  3. Enabling Wireless, Mobile and Cellular Applications and Services using Java Technology.

The group wants to be an incubator for young geniuses in Java and ICT with the secondary goal of creating digital tools and mobile-content to improve backgrounds in mathematics, sciences. As part of our activities, we promote local Java projects, adapted education mobile applications, innovative health and rural development solutions. The group will provide technical and financial support to members of the community through their neighborhood clubs, colleges/schools, university/research centers and public/private sector.

This group is open to all: students, professionals, businessmen and entrepreneurs, academics and researchers who want to create and implement Java solutions in their domain of expertise, consider it to improve their business, or use it in their lives as professional, hobbyists or just while seeking to improve their career and/or learn while evangelizing the technology.

Who can be a member?

Anyone living in Chad or in the Chadian diaspora is welcome to join our community. African experts and all citizens of the world are welcomed too.

There is no age limitation or restriction in the role or experience of the members. All skill sets including: IT, telecommunications, java or C/C + +, database, networking, graphic design, web programming and more.

Scientific knowledge (medical mathematics, physics, chemistry, agronomy, etc..) and project management background are encouraged to join. If your profession is not in the list above you need only an interest in Java or Java-related technologies such as Android or an underlying element of the IT ecosystem, then you're are member of community by default.

To start, please join us as soon as possible by registering to our mailing list, Google group or

What can you do to stay involved?

  1. Participate in regular meetings (meet-ups) - monthly
  2. Join our mailing lists and discussion forums
  3. Start the discussion, sharing your ideas and proposing events
  4. Initiate projects, applications and business development sub-group
  5. Share your codes and applications with other members
  6. Start projects open (open source) and the support of the community
  7. Getting involved in the organization of training, workshops and other events
  8. Getting involved in the organization of annual events (conferences, exhibition programs, and more .....)

Meetings Location and Times

  • Monthly meetings - Last Saturday of each month (the information will be posted in the group discussion or distributions)
  • Details of the next meeting will be posted in "Google Calendar"

Other Important Links

Community Blog: Coming soon Chad JUG Project Site: Coming Soon Discussion Group/Alias: Coming soon Twitter : Coming soon Facebook: Coming soon Google+: Coming soon Group Wiki: Home

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