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Revision: 638

TDA-38: updated visualvm plugin to recent versions and removed deprecated jdesktop dependency.
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FilenameAuthorRevisionModifiedLog Entry
Ingo Rockel 636 about 4 years ago applied patch for issue TDA-35: ...
Ingo Rockel 275 about 8 years ago added toolbar (unfinished)
Ingo Rockel 239 over 8 years ago removed obsolete stuff from dist
Ingo Rockel 614 almost 6 years ago preparing 2.2 release
Ingo Rockel 487 almost 8 years ago needed for compiling
Ingo Rockel 341 about 8 years ago added splash screen
Ingo Rockel 522 over 7 years ago adjustments for enhanced visualv...
Ingo Rockel 637 about 4 years ago updated reloease notes
Ingo Rockel 623 over 5 years ago fixed test (remove failing asser...
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