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Revision: 1260

Fixed up the most atrocious uses of import *. It's still found a few places. Corrected some glaringly missing whitespace in the same files. Improved access of default-instance field in TmdbcExceptionUtil, replaced synchronized accessor/mutator fields with a volatile field. Removed incorrect use of StringUtil.concat -- that should never be used with exactly two parameters (or less for that matter).
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httpd 1 about 8 years ago Initial data for the tmdbc proje...
thormick 1259 over 2 years ago Release 0.10.0. Major changes be...
This is the /tags directory of the `tmdbc' Subversion repository.

  Subdirectories of this directory are stable snapshots; they may be
  named copies of particular trunk revisions, or they may be assembled
  from various revisions.  Either way, a tag is generally not changed
  after it is created; if it is changing, consider putting it in
  /branches instead.

  When a tag is no longer needed, it may be deleted.
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