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Last updated November 01, 2011 17:57, by Audrius.Meskauskas


The goals and idea of the project require to display the source code of all visualizations running on the site. It is not allowed nor technically possible to upload visualization bypassing the server side build, code displaying for review and obtaining administrator approval to run it.

The most of contributions for that such conditions is acceptable happens to be open source contributions (mostly GPL, LGPL, Apache and BSD). In rare cases (exceptional quality contributions mostly from university professors) open source license may be replaced by bilateral agreement that only allows to display and use the code on our side, in modified or unmodified form, also for commercial purposes.

While all visualizations are automatically scanned and human reviewed before approving to run, we do not take from the author-contributor any liability or responsibility for they code.

Linking to Java Web Start files that immediately launch the applications is permitted. Each applet also has the "alone" link that is suitable for standalone launching either from our or from any other site. The rationale is that such links may be integrated into various teaching websites. Sites that, on our opinion, offer illegal or deeply inappropriate content, may be blocked on case by case basis.

The project integrates visualizations with short encyclopedia-style articles. These articles use Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license. In rare cases, when contributor uses viral license from that it is not possible to migrate away (GPL, GFDL), individual articles may use this different license. Such cases are indicated at the bottom of the article.

The project site and server traffic is monitored by various automatic and human-assisted tools. We reserve the right to revert any changes we see as vandalism and to block all traffic we found abusive or inappropriate.

The goal and production

We expect to have the following releases from this project:

  • The project website, curated applet collection,, is already available and contains over 110 articles with Java visualizations.
  • Access control lists - capable Java compiler-builder currently runs on Derived from OpenJDK compiler, this builder is available in the source code repository (Kenai repository at the moment). The repository also includes database dumps of the sample ACL.
  • Applets that are beyond doubt licensed under open source licenses (also we were able to contact the author and received additional confirmation) will be available in another repository (also currently Kenai).
  • The analysis article, summarizing all general problems, issues and misunderstandings found in the source code of the reviewed Java applets (a small preview part of it has been posted on Kenai for discussion in the past). This article should be a useful source when proposing future changes to Java language and its platform. We will try to publish the article in some independent journal first while as an alternative we can publish it as article. To meet the "previously unpublished content" requirements, the access to the article in preparation will be for the project members only.


All code in repositories is open source. Access is only restricted to the code that we think is currently not ready for public release. Contributors welcome to bring it into order. We currently have the following repositories at

  • Visualizations contains the applet and web start applications (open source and verified only). Read access open for everyone.
  • Security aware Java compiler - builder contains the OpenJDK-derived (modified and of course not certified) builder that converts plain text and image archives into runnable web start applications. Read access open for everyone.
  • Server stack (JAMWiki based but with extensive modifications) will be released when it will be ready (we do not want just to drop on the world a lot of code that nobody can build and run). Help from community welcome. This repository is open for read and write access for testers and developers only.

Usage of and

The server runs our own deeply customized stack, built on the top of Apache Tomcat. It supports encyclopedia-like applet repository, server side builds, code review and approval workflow.

Our own server currently does not provide community features like forum, Bugzilla or code repository. Instead of implementing our own, we plan to use or

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