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Revision: 2861

Map amd64 and x86_64 to i386 for the value of this.os.arch. This lets us build on 64 bit Linux. Currently we only support
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FilenameAuthorRevisionModifiedLog Entry
jasonzh 2303 over 7 years ago Rename branch B15 to 2.0sustaini...
jasonzh 2304 over 7 years ago Rename branch B18 to 2.1sustaini...
rekrabm 2311 over 7 years ago Updated versionnumber for 2.2u2
jfdipol 2861 over 3 years ago Map amd64 and x86_64 to i386 for...
httpd 1 almost 9 years ago Initial data for the updatecente...
Kohsuke Kawaguchi 1655 almost 8 years ago released
Chris Kasso 833 over 8 years ago The updatetool was still a bat f...
Tom Mueller 2636 almost 7 years ago Increment build number to 45.
mnsingh 1937 over 7 years ago Merged from trunk
mnsingh 1782 almost 8 years ago Converted some sources to use Ke...
jfdipol 556 over 8 years ago Include ucbootstub.bat and ucboo...
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