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Last updated November 14, 2012 23:13, by Martin Klähn

vmFX - JavaFX 2.x based VM monitoring tool

Welcome to the JavaFX based VM Monitoring tool based on the eFX JavaFX Application Framework

Already avialable features:

  • Connect to local VM's
  • Show CPU and Heap over time
  • Show Memory Pools
  • Browser for MXBeans

Getting started

The quick start...

This works under the assumptioin that JDK1.7u10(ea) is on the path. If that is not the case you must declare the path to the JDK1.7u10(ea) using the parameter -Dnbjdk.home=<JDK_PATH>.

 # Get eFX sources
 hg clone
 # Build the eFX platform
 ant [-Dnbjdk.home=<JDK_PATH>] -f efx~main/platform/build.xml
 # Get the sources
 hg clone
 # Run the application
 ant [-Dnbjdk.home=<JDK_PATH>] -f vmfx~main/build.xml
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