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Last updated September 27, 2012 20:47, by serli

VMware plugin for GlassFish 4 Wiki

Project description :

The project aims to develop a virtualization plugin for GlassFish ( allowing to dynamically deploy services on VMware ESX and ESXi hosts.

The cloud features were targetted for GlassFish 4 but they have been postponed to Java EE 8, which is expected to be released in 2015. For more information about virtualization plugins, see this blog article.

This project is developed by SERLI.

User documentation of the VMware plugin can be found here.

How To build the plugin :

Download VMware plugin sources :

 svn checkout [sources-folder]

Build with maven 3 (tested with v3.0.4) :

Make sure that the repository is not mirrored by Maven Central. For example, if you have the following configuration in your settings.xml :


as suggested to build GlassFish 4, replace it with :


Then run :

 cd [sources-folder]
 mvn clean install

How To test the plugin :

Get GlassFish 4 from here. Copy the jar archive of the plugin you built in previous section in the modules folder of the downloaded GlassFish 4. Follow user documentation to build a template and create your first VMware virtual cluster !

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