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Adding new module to overall project pom
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weblogic-12c-user-examples / arun.gupta / javaee6 / HelloWorld / nbproject / rest-build.xml

Size: 2958 bytes, 1 line
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        *** GENERATED - DO NOT EDIT  ***
<project name="HelloWorld-rest-build" basedir=".." xmlns:webproject3="" xmlns:webproject2="" xmlns:webproject1="" xmlns:jaxrs="">
    <target name="-check-trim">
        <condition property="do.trim">
                <isset property="client.urlPart"/>
                <length string="${client.urlPart}" when="greater" length="0"/>
    <target name="-trim-url" if="do.trim">
        <pathconvert pathsep="/" property="rest.base.url">
                <propertyref name="client.url"/>
            <globmapper from="*${client.urlPart}" to="*/"/>
    <target name="-spare-url" unless="do.trim">
        <property name="rest.base.url" value="${client.url}"/>
    <target name="test-restbeans" depends="run-deploy,-init-display-browser,-check-trim,-trim-url,-spare-url">
        <replace file="${restbeans.test.file}" token="${base.url.token}" value="${rest.base.url}||${rest.application.path}"/>
        <condition property="do.browse-url">
            <istrue value="${display.browser}"/>
        <antcall target="browse-url"/>
    <target name="browse-url" if="do.browse-url">
        <nbbrowse url="${restbeans.test.url}"/>
    <target name="check-rest-config-props" depends="-do-init">
        <condition property="do-generate-rest-config">
                <equals arg1="${rest.config.type}" arg2="ide"/>
                <isset property="rest.resources.path"/>
    <target name="generate-rest-config" depends="check-rest-config-props" if="do-generate-rest-config">
        <mkdir dir="${build.generated.sources.dir}/rest/org/netbeans/rest/application/config/"/>
        <echo file="${build.generated.sources.dir}/rest/org/netbeans/rest/application/config/">/*
 * To change this template, choose Tools | Templates
 * and open the template in the editor.

 * This class is generated by the NetBeans IDE,
 * and registers all REST root resources created in the project.
 * Please, DO NOT EDIT this class unless you really need and 
 * understand the results of changes.
 * It is safe to change REST resources path value of 
 * ApplicationPath annotation. It can be done also via UI action 
 * called on RESTful Web Services node ( REST Resources Configuration dialog ). 
public class ApplicationConfig extends {
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