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[jsr356-experts] Web Sockets Projects

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  • Subject: [jsr356-experts] Web Sockets Projects
  • Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2012 16:58:14 -0700

Hi folks,

Thanks for all the updates (and yes, I 'forgot' Glassfish - blush). If you haven't looked through the list, please scan for gaps. Looking through the projects, some of them are more active/current than others. But all have APIs worth looking at.

I'll put this up on the wiki on the project in the next day or so.


- Danny

* Java-WebSocket
"A barebones WebSocket client and server implementation written in 100% Java"

* jWebSocket
"jWebSocket is a pure Java/_javascript_ high speed bidirectional communication solution for the Web  server and various clients"

* Grizzly
Framework for building web servers of various scales and types incl Web Socket client & server apis.

* Apache Tomcat 7
Java Web Container
new api & sup[port in 7.0.7:

* Glassfish
WebSockets via Grizzly and latterly WebSocket SDK also.

* Autobahn
Including Android web socket client

* WeberKnecht 
Project with Java SE / Android clients

* Jetty
Java Web Container including WebSockets support. 

* Caucho Resin
Java Server including web container with WebSockets support. 
see for example:

* Kaazing WebSocket Gateway
Gateway products, includes Java developer APIs for web sockets.

* WebSocket SDK
Prototyping high level APIs & annotations for Web Sockets.

* Webbit
A Java event based WebSocket and HTTP server  /

* Servlet 3.1
Proposing API for server side of Http Upgrade mechanism to enable websockets support to be build on the Servlet Container

"The only Portable WebSocket/Comet Framework supporting Scala, Groovy and Java"

"Websockets4j Is a simple implementation of the WebSockets protocol. Currently supports the plain text version of Drafts 75 and 76 of the protocol."

*GNU WebSocket4J:
"GNU WebSocket4J is a WebSocket protocol implementation in Java. It allows you to build Web applications that interact with applications running in a JVM. GNU WebSocket4J implements both server and client side of the protocol, so it can be used to build both WebSocket servers and clients."

* JBoss Web Sockets
New-ish project under jboss umbrella.

* Netty
Asynchronous event-driven network application framework, including websockets amongst many other things. /

Danny Coward
Java EE
Oracle Corporation

[jsr356-experts] Web Sockets Projects

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