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[jsr356-experts] Re: Build a Project List

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  • Subject: [jsr356-experts] Re: Build a Project List
  • Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2012 15:24:25 -0700

Hello again,

Thanks for the updates on and offline. I've put the list up on the wiki. We'll use this list to check ourselves as we progress. Feel free to send any new ones, I'll keep it up to date.

- Danny

On 4/16/12 4:00 PM, Danny Coward wrote:
" type="cite"> Hi folks,

To get things going, can you help me build a list of Java projects that have already started supporting Web Sockets in some manner  ?

We'll use this list to compare what we are doing, validate requirements, get inspiration. And will hope to keep it current as we go along.

Here's the list of projects (in no particular order) I've been tracking. Some of you know some of them quite well :)

Can you send me any obvious ones we're missing to complete the list ?


- Danny

* Java-WebSocket
"A barebones WebSocket client and server implementation written in 100% Java"

* jWebSocket
"jWebSocket is a pure Java/_javascript_ high speed bidirectional communication solution for the Web  server and various clients"

* Grizzly
Framework for building web servers of various scales and types incl Web Socket client & server apis.

* Autobahn
Including Android web socket client

* WeberKnecht 
Project with Java SE / Android clients

* Jetty
Java Web Container including WebSockets support. 

* Caucho Resin
Java Server including web container with WebSockets support. 
see for example:

* Kaazing WebSocket Gateway
Gateway products, includes Java developer APIs for web sockets.

* WebSocket SDK
Prototyping high level APIs & annotations for Web Sockets.

* Webbit
A Java event based WebSocket and HTTP server  /

* Servlet 3.1
Proposing API for server side of Http Upgrade mechanism to enable websockets support to be build on the Servlet Container

Danny Coward
Java EE
Oracle Corporation

Danny Coward
Java EE
Oracle Corporation

[jsr356-experts] Build a Project List

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