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[jsr356-experts] Question on Handshake / Headers

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  • Subject: [jsr356-experts] Question on Handshake / Headers
  • Date: Wed, 09 May 2012 17:13:54 -0700

Hi folks,

I've been sifting through all the APIs in our project list and am working on a draft/for discussion API. But one thing that came up a few emails ago a couple of times is the issue of access to the header information in the handshake request.

Which headers are needed in the process seem...clearish to me - the websocket protocol lays out headers like Origin, or Sec-WebSocket-Protocol for example, and how the client should use them and the server process them.

If we assume that the web socket implementation 'will take care of the plumbing' and the application developer will take care of 'application specific things', its less clear to me what information in the handshake is plumbing and what is application specific. And so, while I think through a draft API, I'm thinking through what needs to be exposed through the API, and what is just dealt with in the implementation.

So, please check my thinking !

Origin header - mostly 'plumbing': client implementation may or may not provide, server implementation may or may not check. App developer might care to know if the server's policy is to check clients declared name or not ?

Sec-WebSocket-Protocol - 'application specific': particular client apps will want to declare an ordered list of preferred subprotocols, a particular server app will want to respond with a single preferred subprotocol it will support for a given client based on its declared subprotocol list.

Sec-WebSocket-Extensions - similar responsibilities as above, except the server-side applications respond with a list of extensions.

(Sidebar: what extensions are people here seeing used ?)

Request-URI : I expect we will have some discussion in the near future about mapping schemes for URIs for websocket endpoints. Until then, safe to say the application layer will have knowledge of the address space in some way.

Cookies: Seems like a no-brainer to expose the HttpSession to applications that are deployed inside a web application, but that could be done without exposing all the cookies on the handshake request to the app developer. So, what application-specific uses of Cookies have people made, or heard of ? It would help to have some use cases here to know how/if to expose this to the developer.

Any other Request headers that either specific client applications or specific server applications are making use of that you know ?


- Danny

Danny Coward
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[jsr356-experts] Question on Handshake / Headers

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