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[jsr356-experts] Session.getCloseStatus isActive and getInactiveTime

  • From: Bill Wigger < >
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  • Subject: [jsr356-experts] Session.getCloseStatus isActive and getInactiveTime
  • Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2012 15:24:23 -0400

I have a question on the uses of the Session.getCloseStatus, .isActive, and .getInactiveTime

getCloseStatus and isActive seem redundant in that if getCloseStatus returns null then it is Active.  But beyond that I think that the information it supplies is not very useful and is supposing too much about the underlying communication protocol.  

From a useful standpoint, that status can change the moment after it is given, so just because the session returned as active, doesn't mean the calling code can assume it is active, since it could have been closed the moment after returning as active.  And since the user can implement a close listener, then they already have a good way of knowing when it has been closed.

Beyond usefulness though is the idea that the underlying protocol has a decent way of determining if a connection is closed or not.  For some protocols on some operating systems one doesn't know, or at least cannot determine in an efficient manner, if the connection has been closed until a read or write fails, so if you don't have a read or write outstanding then there is no efficient way to determine if the connection has been closed.  That's my biggest concern here, requiring the underlying subsystem to keep track of connection state and thereby producing a performance drag.  And since the information can change momentarily, it doesn't seem like the upside of giving the (changeable) state back to the user is worth the downside of having to keep track of it.  

For getInactiveTime, I have basically the same concerns.  That time can change momentarily, and if the intent here is to tell the user when, for example, read data has last come into the box, without the user having a read outstanding (in the form of a listener), then there isn't an efficient way to keep track of that information, and keeping track of it could be a drag on performance and scaling.  

Maybe I'm just misunderstanding what the information is that these APIs are suppose to relay, if so, please let me know.

thank you,

[jsr356-experts] Session.getCloseStatus isActive and getInactiveTime

Bill Wigger 08/06/2012

[jsr356-experts] Re: Session.getCloseStatus isActive and getInactiveTime

Danny Coward 08/09/2012

[jsr356-experts] Re: Session.getCloseStatus isActive and getInactiveTime

Bill Wigger 08/10/2012
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