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[jsr356-experts] Re: v008 Draft spec and javadoc

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  • Subject: [jsr356-experts] Re: v008 Draft spec and javadoc
  • Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 14:22:23 -0800

Whoops. I have updated the download site with the correct version. I think that was the only glitch.

I am planning on a v009 later this week. See next messages.

- Danny

On 11/23/12 2:04 PM, Mark Thomas wrote:
" type="cite">
On 17/11/2012 02:24, Danny Coward wrote:
Hi folks,

We will have more issues to work through and to close the open issues
next week, but for now I have produced an updated specification and
javadoc based on what we have done since EDR.
The v008 tag does not agree with the above draft.

For example, the signature for ServerContainer.publishServer() is
missing the ServerEndpointConfiguration parameter in the tag.

I did have some comments on the draft but I need to go and check my copy
of the API against the Javadoc as some of the difficulties I am seeing
may be caused by these discrepancies. The first certainly was which is
how I noticed it in the first place.


Danny Coward
Java EE
Oracle Corporation

[jsr356-experts] v008 Draft spec and javadoc

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