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[jsr356-experts] Potpourri of smaller issues

  • From: Danny Coward < >
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  • Subject: [jsr356-experts] Potpourri of smaller issues
  • Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 14:50:27 -0800

Title: Senior Staff Engineer
Hello again,

Here's a list of smaller API issues I'd like to close out. I've put int my own proposal for how to handle each one, if I don't hear any dissenting voices, I will fix as proposed.

Thanks !

- Danny

1) What are the inheritance semantics of the websocket annotations ?
For example, if I subclass a class annotated with @WebSocketEndpoint, can a use @WebSocketMessage on methods on the subclass even if the subclass is not annotated with @WebSocketMessage ?

My proposal is that we stick to the guidelines that JSR 250 ( Common Annotations for the Java Platform) sets out in section 2.1. The layman's version is that subclasses don't inherit any of the metadata. Annotations only affect the class (or methods of the class) they live on. The semantics start to get very tricky if we diverge from those guidelines.

2) Can we use @WebSocketMessage on methods that take partial messages and blocking streams in addition to the whole message versions ?

Currently, we do not allow the asynchronous message handling modes on such methods. I propose we do, and in so doing, any method that can be mapped to one of our MessageHandlers can be annotated @WebSocketMessage, e.g.

public void doUpload(ByteBuffer bb, boolean last, Session s)

public void parseDocument(String partialString, boolean last)

public void parseDocument(Reader r)

should all be allowable in addition to the 'whole message' forms. (Subject to the same one message handler type per endpoint rule we have for programmatic endpoints)

3) Provide a way for developer to store application data on the Session object.

I propose we support this: add public Map<String, Object> getUserProperties() to Session.

4) Why not use JDK java.nio.channels.CompletionHandler ( instead of our javax.websocket.SendHandler.

I do not propose we replace this. Our SendHandler is a single method interface, which makes it convenient for lambdas. The CompletionHandler is not commonly used outside NIO, so there is no gain on the learning curve, and misses the type information (SendResult) which is going to make it (a touch) more difficult to use.

5) Merge Endpoint and EndpointConfiguration

This suggestion predates our change to the object cardinality whereby now there is a new instance of Endpoint per peer, and we only need one instance of the EndpointConfiguration. So even if it made sense before, it does not now.

6) Remove ability to set encoders on the Session.

I do not remember why Session has this setEncoders() API, but I propose to remove it unless someone can remember the reasoning. Configuring the encoders on the EndpointConfiguration should be sufficient.

- Danny

Danny Coward
Java EE
Oracle Corporation

[jsr356-experts] Potpourri of smaller issues

Danny Coward 11/28/2012

[jsr356-experts] Re: Potpourri of smaller issues

Mark Thomas 11/28/2012
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