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[jsr356-experts] Re: [jsr356-users] getInactiveTime() method removal from API

  • From: Danny Coward < >
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  • Subject: [jsr356-experts] Re: [jsr356-users] getInactiveTime() method removal from API
  • Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2012 17:17:47 -0800

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the reminder on this one. We're really just modeling what's on HttpSession in this regard, do people find the analogous call on HttpSession a big performance hit there ? If the load per second is so high, wouldn't the implementation mark it less frequently ?

- Danny

On 11/26/12 12:38 PM, Bill Wigger wrote:
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On the Session object is this method:

long getInactiveTime()
    Return the number of seconds since the underlying connection had any activity.
I think this is an unnecessary performance burden to place on the server.  For example, say there are 10,000 active WebSocket connections, then for each session, whenever a read or write takes place, the timestamp has to be obtained and stored away.  Depending on the implementation, that could be 1000's of timestamp calls per second.  On some OSes reading the timestamp is a performance drag to be avoided.  Also, if on a given connection 10,000 reads and/or writes occur, and the "getInactiveTime()" is never called, then that is 10,000 wasted readings of the timestamp.  

Also, the return value is not very accurate, and can not be trusted, since the moment after getActiveTime is read, it could be outdated by an new read or write taking place.

If users want this functionality it is easy enough for them to add it to their own code, since their code is responsible for reading and writing data, but I don't see making all connections take this performance hit, for something that may rarely get used, and whose return value cannot be trusted to be up to date once obtained.

can we get rid of this method all together?


Danny Coward
Java EE
Oracle Corporation

[jsr356-experts] Re: [jsr356-users] getInactiveTime() method removal from API

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