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[jsr356-users] [jsr356-experts] v009 Draft

  • From: Danny Coward < >
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  • Subject: [jsr356-users] [jsr356-experts] v009 Draft
  • Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2012 17:17:16 -0800
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Hi folks,

I posted a v009 draft of the specification. There's a change log in it, but I wanted to get something out to keep up with a number of issues that we have resolved.

We'll tag the workspace in the next day or so to v009 for those of you following closely.

I know we have a number of issues still to be nailed down, I will be posting over the next couple of days on those.

- Danny

Highlight of changes

Restricted the number of MessageHandlers that can be registered per Session to one per native websocket message type: text, binary, pong.
Added user property Map to Session.
Loosened the restrictions on @WebSocketMessage method parameters: now these methods can take any parameters that can be mapped to one of the MessageHandler types.
Refactored Endpoint and EndpointConfiguration and added EndpointFactory so that Endpoint instances can share state.

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[jsr356-users] [jsr356-experts] v009 Draft

Danny Coward 12/05/2012

[jsr356-users] Re: [jsr356-experts] v009 Draft

Jordi Mariné Fort 12/05/2012
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