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[jsr356-users] Identifying a particular client

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  • Subject: [jsr356-users] Identifying a particular client
  • Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 16:54:37 +0530

I am wondering to fine a particular client in a session

Say i have 5 clients in a websocket and i need to find Client3 and send him a particular message...

I see some methods in Session getParameterMap or getQueryString  is it possible to set a value to this and identify a client ?

Thank you and regards,
Rajmahendra R Hegde (Raj)
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[jsr356-users] Identifying a particular client


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[jsr356-users] Identifying a particular client

rajmahendra 12/18/2012

[jsr356-users] Re: Identifying a particular client

Stepan Kopriva 12/18/2012
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